Not all snacks are created equal. That's why our products are created around food that tastes great - good food, real food, whole food. 

Nut Snacks

Our nut snacks provide everyone with deliciously nutritious snacks to help them get through their day. We use only the best ingredients to create a naturally tasty combination of flavours.

Nut Delight

The goodness of nuts in the original healthy snack bars

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Savoury Snack Bars

NEW Delicious savory nut bars seasoned with your favourite spice blends.

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Snack Packs

Convenient healthy packs of nuts and seeds for snacking on the go.

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Macadamia Selection

Naturally indulgent Australian-grown macadamia bars.

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Wholesome choc fruit and nut raw bars.

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With high quality protein from whey protein crisps and nuts, Go Natural's Protein nut bars are perfect for whatever your day has in store for you.

HiProtein Nut Crunch

High quality protein bars with nuts and whey protein crisps.

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HiProtein Meal Bar

Our high quality protein nut bars in a meal bar!

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Active Protein

NEW Delicious nut bars with 10g of protein and all the micro-nutrients for your active lifestyle.

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Grain Bars & Slices

Filling and delicious snacks with wholegrains and superfoods.

Baked Muesli Slices

Wholesome baked muesli slices with real fruit pieces and Australian oats.

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Oat Bars

Australian Oats, flaxseed and wheat germ pressed into meal vars to enjoy the benefits of wholegrains on the go.

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97% Fat free Bars

Great tasting 97% fat free snack bars with real fruit.

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Breakfast Bars

Start the day with superfood ingredients in a 5 bar multipack.

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Trail Mix

Snack bars with a special mix of eight wholegrains.

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Treat Yourself!

Of course you can treat yourself every once in a while. Indulge with naturally sourced ingredients and enjoy the nutrients they provide.


Delicious all natural fruity centres smothered in our tangy yoghurt coating.

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Organic Licorice

We’re proudly one of few producers that use organic ground licorice root which provides the authentic taste of real licorice!

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Sesame Crisp

Crunchy and delicious sesame crisps!

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Twisters Strawberry & Apple

100% fruit! A playful and delicious snack that has no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. Twisters are Nut Free and Gluten Free.

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