Eating well is the key to living well and that’s why Go Natural Nut Bars are the best possible snack to add to your day! We’ve been busy bees working on our new recipes to ensure you are making healthy snacking choices that don’t compromise on taste. And we’ve nailed it!

It was only fitting to start with our iconic Nut Delight, which has been a popular Nut Bar in our range for over 23 years. This boasts an amazing 4.5 stars with absolutely nothing to hide – just the goodness of wholefood ingredients! Because nuts are absolute nutritional powerhouses, we even have the ability to make over 18 high level health claims around healthy hearts and bodies, cell protection and brain food. 

We understand that food choices can be complicated enough so adding Health Stars was a no-brainer. For more information about health stars, please read the information below or visit the government website. Stay tuned. 

Who developed the Health Star Rating system?

The Health Star Rating system is a government-led initiative and was developed in consultation with industry and consumer groups. 


What are ‘Health Stars’?

Health stars are part of the new Government led initiative ranking packaged foods from ½ to 5 based on their nutritional credentials. The visual snapshot intends to provide consumers with convenient and relevant information to help make more informed and better food choices for themselves and their families. We can now compare foods within the same food category and across different food categories - how exciting is that! 


How is the Health Star Rating calculated?

The Health Star Rating Calculator takes into account four aspects of a food associated with the risk factors for chronic diseases; energy, saturated fat, sodium and total sugars. It also considers certain ‘positive’ aspects of a food such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. So when wholefoods are involved, the stars really stack up.


Are Health Stars mandatory on all pre-packaged foods?

The Health Star Rating system is a voluntary initiative. Most of the Go Natural products will feature Health Stars…be patient with us though, this is a big task!