If you are looking for a fruit to take to dinner and a movie, make a date with dates. A popular fruit that is naturally sweet and packed full of goodness, the date has been around since 6000BC and today is one of the key ingredients in Go Natural snacks, due to its versatility and health benefits.

Whether you eat dates fresh or dried, you can expect to experience replenished energy instantly. They really are natures natural snack food! Rich in dietary fibre, dates help keep you regular whilst lowering LDL cholesterol absorption (the bad kind!) and helping to protect from a number of cancers.

Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper and Calcium can all be found in dates, and a recent study shows the consumption of dates in the final month of pregnancy can help aid delivery – we know this will be welcome news to all the expectant mothers out there who are prepared to try anything!

Date Palms must be grown in very warm climates, but do not thrive where humidity is present. Plants can take up to 15 years to bear fruit and a significant amount of human intervention is required to pollenate the plants and ensure the success of a crop.

Dates are the star of our Walnut, Dates, Cashew & Chia Seed Nut Delight bar, and are a key ingredient in our RAW Cacao Fruitnut range.