Mindfulness is known to reduce stress, boost working memory and heighten our ability to focus.

Here’s five easy ways to incorporate mindfulness in your day...

1. Write it down

Calm the overwhelm in your mind by jotting down thoughts or making a list of tasks. ‘Brain dumping’ can help you stay on track, keep focused and achieve your day-to-day goals. Writing is a highly therapeutic and calming activity.

2. Take a mindful pause

Meditation doesn’t require a lot of time or fanfare – just a few minutes each day can help to combat the effects of anxiety, ease worry and contribute to a clearer mind. Start the day with a few long, mindful breaths and take the occasional pause throughout the day – over coffee, lunch, or at the desk – to stay clear, energetic and calm.

3. Savour each bite

Meals and snacks shouldn’t be scoffed and hurried – even if you are on the run, or in a rush, take the time to chew your food properly and savour what you’re eating. Not only will this assist with digestion, you’ll also avoid overeating. Fuel your body with natural, good food – and enjoy the way it tastes!

4. Appreciate what you have

Whether you simply take a moment at the end of each day to appreciate the good things in your life, or keep a gratitude journal, pausing to reflect and appreciate boosts your mood and encourages you to be present.

5. Put a space between appointments

When planning and managing your schedule, place an intentional space between meetings, appointments and tasks. Scheduling things too closely creates unwanted stress and doesn’t allow for unexpected delays. Placing a space between appointments provides you with extra time – time you could use to pause and savour.


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